Do you know what ELEET Private Messenger is? This new messenger for iOS and Android mobile platforms is designed for those who value privacy and security. ELEET is simple, convenient and functional. It’s a serious challenge to popular messengers and a worthy alternative to paid SMS and MMS.

Key features of the smart application

Due to its accessibility and functionality the user rate of ELEET Private Messenger according to Google Play Market is 5,0. The data is transmitted via mobile device Internet connection so message exchange is free.

Benefits of ELEET Private Messenger:

  • Anonymous registration requiring no confirmation of your email or binding to a social account and mobile phone number. The registration data of users and their passwords are not stored on the server making it impossible to hack your account or transfer your data to third parties, recovery and password guessing are impossible as well.
  • The user is assigned a unique ID consisting of two Latin letters and six numbers created with the help of a special generator so that any stranger will fail to pick up the combination. You may use the “beautiful number” service if you wish. In this case, the ID combination will selected personally for you.
  • The messenger works anywhere in the world in a non-stop 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You will always stay in touch and may share large volumes of information more than 100 MB. You may send text messages, photos, videos and audio messages. For each message basic elements are displayed: time, send status, delivery and reading.
  • Intuitive design. Messenger interface is presented by the main navigation elements: contacts, chat rooms and settings. The modern and stylish design is developed in accordance with the latest trends in the world of mobile apps. You can easily make your interface unique: change the wallpaper or profile picture, add a photo, etc.
  • Protection of personal data and transmitted information is on the highest level possible. With ELEET you choose the best and most convenient protection level yourself: a Private ID which can be cancelled later, communication through temporary or anonymous group chats with the ability to permanently delete the conversation from all the devices.
  • Wide range of communication options. Each user can create up to four active ID in the account. You don’t need to log out or enter additional passwords. For each ID it is possible to create its own list of contacts and chat rooms which helps the user to differentiate communication. Now you will not mix up the chat for private conversations with the contacts of business partners.

While exchanging information the tiniest details may play an enormous role, especially if you do not want to become a victim of hackers or get your data and conversations in the hands of third parties. ELEET Private Messenger excludes such situations absolutely. In this application all messages are encrypted and not stored on the server. For their protection we use Protocol EL337 which is a modernized version of TextSecure Protocol. Both are libsodium-based and certified by experts in the field of data security, by Edward Snowden as well. Now let’s see how it works: before you start working your device creates a few pairs of encrypting keys – the public and the private ones. You may feel free to send the public key to anyone, while the private key will never get leaked from your device. Using a special method and knowing each other’s public keys, dialog partners may cipher their common key that will be available only to them. To exclude the user’s key substitution by a third person you may compare your digital key print with the one your partner gave you. Such keys are created permanently and their exchange is in process even during your conversation. This method protects your messages in case you lose your phone or someone else has an access to it.

For such a high security we use asymmetric elliptic curve cryptosystem Curve25519 and Ed25519, stream cipher XSalsa20 authenticated by Poly1305 algorithm and Blake2b Hash which is faster than SHA3 and has the same security level at the same time. What is more, the implementation is
insensible to timing attacks which means that the keys cannot be decoded even by covert means. The files are encrypted according to the same scheme and no one can decrypt her them but you.
ELEET Private Messenger is a modern instant messenger that offers its users not only a stylish interface but also the possibility of anonimous registration, creating multiple Private ID and a high level of data protection. The ease of ELEET will be highly appreciated by businessmen and everyone who value privacy and functionality. All this is now available to ELEET Private Messenger users for free.