We hurry to report the great news, the essence of which is reflected in the title. Yes, soon Eleet Private Messenger will have a cryptocurrency wallet. And it will work on all the platforms for which our app is available.

What does this mean for people using our messenger? What are the possibilities? Why paying attention to this news? Let’s say a few words.

Something about cryptocurrency wallets

It is not likely to be news to anyone that cryptocurrency has become more popular – not only as an investment, for which it is the best known (mining), but also as it is provided by the name of this payment tool: to make private and secure payments. The reasons are exactly the same as in the case of public interest in Internet anonymity and information security in general.

Today, it is almost impossible to make payments and transfers that are not known to outsiders without cryptocurrency. Their use becomes a necessity for anyone who wants to dispose of his or her money without revealing additional data because otherwise there will be traces that make it easy to track actions.

Cryptocurrency wallets are quite convenient when using such digital currencies. You don’t need to install a separate wallet for each type of “coins” – fewer passwords for remembering, less unnecessary actions. And keeping cryptocurrency on the stock market or in a usual online wallet is not the best solution: either way, you trust your money to complete strangers.

The next step toward our goal

Of course, an idea to implement cryptocurrency wallet into Eleet was a carefully made decision. The idea of widespread use of cryptocurrency is fully consistent with our basic principles and guidelines. Team of Eleet Private Messenger is deeply convinced that people have the right to transfer money in the most secure and anonymous way.

And here’s what else is important: taking advantage of these simple rights, you should not experience any technical inconvenience. It is necessary to have a wide range of cryptocurrencies in one wallet (a list of popular ones includes about ten currencies), the ability of their quick exchange, and a convenient withdrawal to “traditional” systems.

The times when security-oriented products sometimes had an interface from the early 2000’s and compelled the user to tolerate a blatant inconvenience to work are already gone. We work by modern standards.

And all of this not to mention security issues, of course. By the way, it is time to discuss it.

Why Eleet?

We are approaching the creation of cryptocurrency wallet just as everything we have implemented in Eleet. The same principles: usability, the highest level of data protection, complete anonymity.

The cryptocurrency wallet of our messenger will receive a beautiful and intuitive interface, it will work seamlessly from a technical point of view, and the most important thing – it will reliably hide the data that you don’t want to share with strangers.

It is commonly known that if you’re paranoid – it doesn’t mean that you are not being watched. Usage of cryptocurrency wallet of Eleet Private Messenger will make it less worrying. The update is near at hand: please follow our news.

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