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The first talk messenger appeared in 1982. Since that time smart applications have been evolved and improved offering the users wider functionality and efficient level of data protection. For the last thirty years virtual communication has evolved from primitive talk to contemporary ELEET.

General information

The messenger runs on IOS and Android platforms and it will be available for desktop and browser in the nearest future. Besides its basic functions such as instant messaging and sending of multimedia messages, the users of ELEET Private Messenger may create anonymous groups for dialogues and generate a few Private IDs without logging out from app.

For confidential communication

ELEET Private Messenger is popular among mobile users who value their privacy. The registration in the app doesn’t require e-mail confirmation or binding to a phone number or social accounts compared to Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram. This ensures the security of users’ personal data and privacy of personal correspondence. To find the partner you need to know his ID or scan the QR code.

In ELEET Private Messenger the encryption technology is used from one device to the other leaving no traces on the server and being able to self-destruct at the appointed time. Now you can freely communicate with people anywhere in the world without worrying about information leakage.

In addition to the simplified registration and complex encryption algorithm, ELEET Private Messenger offers its users to choose the level of protection themselves: the Private ID which can then be removed or communication through temporary or anonymous group chats.


All the messages in ELEET Private Messenger are encrypted and not stored on the server. For their protection we use Protocol EL337 which is a modernized version of TextSecure Protocol. Both are libsodium-based and certified by experts in the field of data security, by Edward Snowden as well. Now let’s see how it works: before you start working your device creates a few pairs of encrypting keys – the public and the private ones. You may feel free to send the public key to anyone, while the private key will never get leaked from your device. Using a special method and knowing each other’s public keys, dialog partners may cipher their common key that will be available only to them. To exclude the user’s key substitution by a third person you may compare your digital key print with the one your partner gave you. Such keys are created permanently and their exchange is in process even during your conversation. This method protects your messages in case you lose your phone or someone else has an access to it.

For such a high security we use asymmetric elliptic curve cryptosystem Curve25519 and Ed25519, stream cipher XSalsa20 authenticated by Poly1305 algorithm and Blake2b Hash which is faster than SHA3 and has the same security level at the same time. What is more, the implementation is
insensible to timing attacks which means that the keys cannot be decoded even by covert means. The files are encrypted according to the same scheme and no one can decrypt her them but you.

Temporary room

Create a “temporary group” for a short dialogue and set the timer. The whole conversation will self-destruct on all devices at the appointed time without leaving any traces. For example, the chat “Present for a Friend” will not clutter up your conversation a month after his birthday and discreetly disappears leaving no traces without distracting you from the important daily tasks.

Anonymous group

Need to act as a mediator in delicate negotiations or you’re just a cautious person? Increase your privacy level and security of your personal correspondence. You may create a one-time nick and communicate incognito without logging out from app.

Black List

With ELEET Private Messenger you choose your social network yourself. The “Black List” option protects you from annoying people and helps to stay undistracted.

User-friendly interface

Intuitive design of ELEET Private Messenger is developed in accordance with the latest fashion trends of modern guideline and presented in the form of a box with a set of function tabs: contacts, chats, ID, and settings. You can always arrange the interface to your taste with the help of photos, wallpapers and profile pictures (avatars).

If you need a simple and easy-to-use instant messenger which will save your conversations and will not reveal them to third parties under any circumstances then ELEET Private Messenger is the ideal solution.