The Eleet starts a global redesign. Change of a logo and the corporate style was the first step.


After this, the ELEET version changed to the Android version . Meet new design and new functions which were completely updated!

New design

Easier. Clearer. More intuitively.

The new design of the ELEET for the Android platform was created for the specific purpose : to make the application clearer and more convenient, having kept all principles of privacy and anonymity. We applied the up-to-date technology and the recommendations for the Android applications design. Google material design was realized in the ELEET design in full.

The new ELEET design is not just change of color and addition of new icons. It is completely new design created on the basis of all user experience that we saved up for several years of development.

During the design process more than 80 screens were developed; more than 400 prototypes of the applications were created, changed and analyzed. Many functions were totally remade (record of audio messages), the other were developed from scratch (the whole design of the crypto wallet).


Crypto wallet

After the iOS version of the application, the protected crypto wallet is added and accessible for all users of the ELEET at the Android platform.

1. A convenient sending crypto currency right in a chat with a talk partner. The process of sending doesn’t differ from the sending a simple message. You choose the amount of money which you want to send, you confirm your sending, and the talk partner receives the money sent in the chat to the wallet.

2. Display of all transaction statuses in a chat. Talk partners see the statuses of all transactions (incoming and outgoing) with the number of confirmations of the network for each payment in a chat.

3. The opportunity to choose the most convenient commission of the network. It gives the user an opportunity to decide by himself to make high commission for making a fast transaction or to choose lower one with a view to economy in case when the speed of sending doesn’t play a crucial role.

4. The opportunity to send crypto currency both to the Bitcoin wallet and to the unique ID of the ELEET user.

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