Completely new design of ELEET on the iOS platform – opens a new stage in the development of ELEET Private Messenger

More modern. Easier. More clearly.



The new ELEET design for the iOS platform is based on a modern combined approach. Flat design is ideally combined with a native approach in the design of iOS applications.

The new design embodies specific practical tasks – the maximum simplification of all actions in the application. The search became clearer, the creation of a wallet became easier and intuitive, while maintaining the former – a high level of security.

We have completely redesigned the entire design, starting from the color scheme, ending with the logic for displaying notifications of new messages.

Now immediately shows the type of the created group – temporary, anonymous or anonymous-temporary. Indicate the time of existence of the group.


A new generation of user avatars has been added, where in the absence of a self-installed avatars, it is automatically created based on the first letter of the nickname with the most appropriate color.

The chat was improved greatly. Now the types of files being transferred are displayed, the location of the location being sent to the interlocutor is improved. The maximum informative display of the process of sending crypto currency in a chat with the interlocutor is created.

At all thus, the crypto-currency purse has kept the basic functions:

1. Convenient sending of crypto currency directly in the chat.

2. Displaying in the chat all the statuses of the transaction.

3. Ability to choose the most convenient commission network.

4. The ability to send a crypto currency to both the Bitcoin wallet and the unique ELEET user ID.


We analyzed a huge amount of feedback from our users. Taking into account the received information, we made the application as much as possible to the wishes of our users. And we will continue to do this – constantly improving ELEET.

In this regard, we express our gratitude to all those who left feedback, feedback, wishes and recommendations. Thanks to you, we are developing ELEET in the right direction.

The redesign of ELEET on the iOS platform was an important step for the company, continuing the development path of the application at the stage of a major upgrade of the entire ELEET platform.

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Your ELEET team.

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